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Updates and insights

L’incanto del canto, scommettendo sul mondo: al via “Voices of the “World”

The new project “Voices of the World”: Empowering Young People Through Music Education

Voices of the World is an ambitious undertaking, a strategic program that will span several years that aims to offer empowerment opportunities to young people, through music education in vulnerable regions.
The project, which ABF has been working on for five years now, was officially launched on November 13, 2019 at UNESCO headquarters in Paris...

Symphony 2030: ABF and UNESCO

ABF and UNESCO together for Symphony 2030

On November 13, 2019, a round table called “Symphony 2030: Creative Arts Education for Inclusion” was held in the margins of the 40th General Conference of the United Nations, which took place at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris, virtually in front of its global community of 193 member states...

“Music Lab – ABF for Lajatico”: A Christmas Carol

Music Lab: Abf for Lajatico

The story we are about to tell, however, takes a different route. It is set in a white, orange and brown two-story building and our protagonists are in Via della Musica, in the Tuscan countryside.
This is no imaginary story, even though imagination has made it flourish, and just like every fairy tale, it carries with it a gem, its underlying moral...



Authoritative protagonists of our times

Stefania Giannini’s interview (UNESCO) with our Founder, Andrea Bocelli

I think that music is a potential source of spiritual development and that knowing the musical language is extremely useful for everyone, not just those who would like to make it their profession. It is a lifelong friend...

Interview to Stefania Giannini (UNESCO)


Testimonials and collaborations

Maria Manetti Shrem: ABF Ambassador

My name is Maria Manetti Shrem and I am proud to be an Andrea Bocelli Foundation Ambassadress. I live in San Francisco, California and Florence, Italy. I am a patron of the arts and music, and a benefactor for causes related to education and health, internationally and in my local community...

Maria Manetti Shrem: being an ABF Ambassadress


Initiatives, news and events

The Andrea Bocelli Foundation and the Community Jameel

ABF with Community Jameel for the Royal College of Music

An international scholarship that will open the doors of the Royal College of Music (RCM) in London to emerging singers who would otherwise be unable to access it or continue their training at this institution due to social or financial reasons...

2019 ABF Christmas Campaign

2019 Christmas Campaign

If you are organizing a Christmas dinner with your colleagues or friends or playing tombola with the family, from today you can choose to dedicate it to the Andrea Bocelli Foundation! Choose to brighten up your Christmas holidays and New Year by supporting ABF’s projects to help people in need due to illness, poverty and social exclusion...

150 days to the inauguration: works have begun on the Camerino Music Academy

The green light for the Camerino Music Academy

The new Music Academy will be built on two levels, which will be connected by an internal elevator. Architecturally, it will be a modern, yet understated building, which will feature a stylized visual allusion to the unique “keys” of wind instruments in its series of openings to the exterior...

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