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Let’s relive the story of Camerino Music Academy together! 

Camerino Music Academy – explore it with our Founder and ABF’s many

The Inauguration of the “Franco Corelli” Music Academy in Camerino

by Giorgio De Martino

From a distance, it looks the same as always. Imposing, perched on top of a hill that stands above forests and fields. With the outlines of its bell towers, porticoes, and view points, and with its soft terracotta and stone hues, you would never say that Camerino has been wounded. It still seems to evince its orographic and intellectual predominance – which it acquired over the course of many centuries of civilization and beauty – while looking out over a drapery of rolling hills. Read more

The Lawn
On the morning of October 1, 2020, after 148 days of work, the architectural “cloud” of white perforated panels ceased to be a construction site and became a hub (of art, music, skill and the future). Camerino Music Academy, with its innovative skyline set harmoniously within the surrounding environment, built thanks to the funds and oversight of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, was preparing for an inauguration worthy of its beauty. Read more

A Letter
“The project does not end today. On the contrary, today it begins”, remarked ABF’s President, Laura Biancalani, to the journalists present. She went on: “Together with the local cultural associations and the municipal administration, we will strive to give the new generations musical training, to develop new talent and also bring talent from all over the world here to the Marche region. Because, with its university, with its wonderful historical center, Camerino deserves a place on the international stage”. Read more

The First Notes
Veronica and Andrea walk down the avenue that leads to the Academy. However, a necessary initial stop is already waiting for them, with the cameras and interviewer from RAI, the Italian broadcasting channel, on a bench with the school in the background. “Does music help you dream? I’m convinced of it, having made music my life. Music creates beauty and beauty, as Dostoevsky reminds us, will save the world”. Read more

The “Cloud”
The project, which was designed by the Alvisi Kirimoto architectural firm along with Harcome, and rendered structurally sound and site managed by the engineer Paolo Bianchi, is not merely giving Camerino a Music Academy to accommodate the community’s students and cultural initiatives, but it will also provide the university town with a new architectural identity. Read more

In addition to the golden voice of ABF’s Founder, the first artistic steps of the new Academy would see a few artist friends take center stage, wanting to convey their support for the project and the Foundation through their presence and, in some cases, their performances. Read more

Speaking with the Journalists
Due to current safety regulations, even the meetings with journalists were staggered in order to prevent gatherings: a few interview and then the press conference in the auditorium, with, inevitably, a small selection of media representatives present. Read more

The Ceremony
The land on which the building constructed by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation stands was provided by the municipal administration and is located in front of the new university campus. After all, the university and music have always been Camerino’s beating heart and the hub around which the community has rallied and organized. Read more

The Architects
The Corelli Academy is the work of many hands and the result of a journey that has seen the Foundation’s members exchange ideas with one of the greatest architects of our time, Renzo Piano, a friend of the Bocelli family, who was presented with the initial project (designed by a young architectural studio in Camerino, “Harcome”), developed together with civil engineer Paolo Bianchi, and Marco Facondini for the acoustics, and Mr. Serpilli for the system engineering. Read more

The Celebration
It was music that symbolically cut the ribbon and set the academy built by ABF in motion. The students of the Nelio Biondi Musical High School in Camerino and the academy’s instrumentalists accompanied the artists. At first they were conducted by Vincenzo Correnti, in their performance of Camerino’s anthem, and then by Carlo Bernini. Read more



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The inauguration of the “Franco Corelli” Music Academy

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