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Dear Friend,
With You, for the Covid-19 Emergency!

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Covid Hospital Camerino

The Andrea Bocelli Foundation continues to raise funds to tackle the COVID-19 medical emergency and support additional hospitals and departments dedicated to the treatment of COVID-19 providing equipment, materials as well as personal protection equipment.

The new goal right now is to raise an additional 50,000 euros , as we believe that our Founder Maestro Andrea Bocelli states, “alone we can do a lot be but together we can do much more”.

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With the first 100,000 euros raised, we purchased 4 lung ventilators that will be donated to Covid Hospital in Camerino, the municipality in the Marche region where ABF is working at a reconstruction project following the 2016 earthquake that hit Central Italy.


You can also send us an e-mail at to learn about other ways to support us.

Covid Hospital di Camerino

Fundraising organized by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation to support the hospital departments during the COVID-19 emergency.


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