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Covid Emergency
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With you, to draw the future

Dear ABF Friend,

We are particularly keen to reach you and your loved ones with a message of closeness and hope.

Like every single Italian citizen, ABF has complied with the Italian government's guidelines on the prevention of the spread of what, besides being a virus, seems to represent an element of social and community disintegration.

The Foundation stays at home, but continues to work so that every day those people and communities where we have chosen to work can build a future of opportunities and beauty.

And we are going even further: today ABF is offering concrete support to people who are at the forefront at the moment called to protect and treat us.
To those who directly and indirectly protect us, our loved ones, our families.

As a result the Camerino hospital has been temporarily devoted to the treatment of COVID-19 patients and it is for this reason it needs to be enhanced and supported.

For this reason, if you wish to be at our side once again you can give your contribution at

Alternatively you can contact ABF to learn about other options available to support us by sending an e-mail to

We will keep you posted on what we will be able to do also thanks to your contribution.

We strongly believe in the value of staying close, united, in this moment, because only love and solidarity are able to bridge and erase that physical distance that is now imposed on us.

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With You, it will all be fine – everything is going to be allright.
With you, we will be able to rediscover the strength of a hug.
With you, to draw the future.

the Covid Hospital in Camerino
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