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Our Founder Andrea Bocelli: a message of Easter and new Life

Dear friend,
at Easter, with You, We Shape the Future!


Message of Easter and Rebirth from our Founder Andrea Bocelli

Rebirth, Light, Hope, this is the time for trust.
The time in which, even more than yesterday, uniting forces is crucial to build a tomorrow that is full of opportunities for many children.

Messaggio di Pasqua

Many students are struggling with distance learning.
Many of them are using inappropriate tools to stay connected with their classmates and teachers.
And like the students, every day many teachers are also facing the challenge of building virtual environments in which to promote a school that is open to all.
That is why supporting the “With You, to Shape the Future” project means supporting the schools of the future, yet also those of today: equal and inclusive schools where all children can have the same opportunities to develop their talents.

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ABF Con Te, per disegnare il futuro!

Indeed, every day ABF works in schools to support teachers in the use of new technologies and guarantee the best conditions to promote a love for learning and being in contact with others, even at a distance.

And there’s a lot you can do!
Every donation is precious, every contribution is important!
Join us and donate now!
And share it with your friends and family because “alone we can achieve a lot, but together we can do much more”

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Con te per disegnare il futuro

ABF’s “With You, to Shape the Future” is a project dedicated to promoting new technologies for educational innovation that facilitates the acquisition of digital skills for both teachers and students, and makes tablets and notebooks available for schools and families to use, both at school and during distance learning, thereby transforming the digital tool into an innovative and interactive textbook.

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