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SAVE THE DATE: December 12, 2022

Save the date

Watch the Empire State Building lighting ceremony in recognition of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation - LIVE!

Empire State Building - Lighting Empire Partner
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On Monday, December 12, at 11:45 (EST) watch the Empire State Building lighting ceremony LIVE on the Andrea Bocelli Foundation’s Facebook page.

The Empire State Building’s Tower Lights will be lit in blue and white in recognition of the Foundation’s innovative music education program
“ABF Voices of”.

The project creates choirs with children from socially, economically, and culturally disadvantaged areas by implementing a unique methodology that helps empower the participants and their communities.

ABF Voices of
ABF Voices of

With a focus on children and youth, the “ABF Voices of” program was developed by the Foundation to unlock the potential of participants through the creation of regional choirs in disadvantaged areas. The program is a natural extension of the Foundation’s tireless work to expand its mission of “empowering people and communities” and introduce music as an innovative language and tool to promote inclusion. One that is in line with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda Goal #4.7 and underscores the world’s cultural diversity and richness, ultimately preparing children and young people to become true Global Citizens.

ABF Voices of

“ABF Voices of” is the evolution of the “Voices of Haiti” pilot project that was launched in 2016. The pilot’s success resulted in performances in some of the most awe-inspiring settings, including the United Nations General Assembly (2016) and the Vatican during an audience with His Holiness Pope Francis (2017). Subsequently, the global “ABF Voices of” program was announced at the UNESCO General Assembly in 2018, with a choir of Italian and Ukrainian children entitled “ABF Voices of Peace – Italy” launched in 2022, and “ABF Voices of Jerusalem”, which is planned for launch in 2023.

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ABF Voices ofABF Voices of

“I believe that music and art have the power to change lives.
It’s what fuels us so that we may live fully, with passion and drive. It is especially essential in situations of poverty or catastrophe, when nurturing talent can often be relegated to the sidelines. Singing all together, in a group, means learning to exist side by side, in harmony, unlocking crucial tools for a peaceful coexistence, while at the same time underlying the fundamental importance of each and everyone’s role in a community and beyond, empowering our sense of worth”.
Our Founder Andrea Bocelli

A unique event dedicated to the
“ABF Voices Of” program!


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